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The Golf Resort Golf Park Rajec has been open since 2007,which means that this season 2017 it will be celebrating ten years of operation. In the beginning the focus of the resort was on golfing activities, the result of this focus was the construction of a 9-hole golf course lying on 14 hectares with a length of 2016 metres (from the yellow tee’s) with a par of 32. Despite the shorter distance and smaller greens the course is known for the high quality of it’s grassland, particularly the aforementioned greens. At first glance it may seem easy, however make no mistake, it is perfectly capable of testing the skills of every player. Due to it’s size it’s ideal for training of short games and can be played in approximately 1 and half hours, making it often sought after by players passing through. The golf course also includes practice areas for chipping and putting and also a covered driving range with a distance of more than 250m. The golf course is also suitable for beginners, for whom in cooperation with our trainers we present the ideal conditions for obtaining a green card, as well as preparing them for their first steps on a course. During the 2016 season 63 new golfers successfully achieved their green cards. Of course we also have an all day bar with a terrace than can accommodate up to 100 people. You will also find our golf store which sells standard golfing gear and our very own merchandise.

Since the 2017 season a new activity is now taking place on our course, Footgolf. On on the resort you will find two fully equipped 18-hole Footgolf courses available to the public as well as for organisation of professional tournaments. At this moment in time there are 10 Footgolf courses around Slovakia, ours being the only one which offers two 18-hole course.


Golf Park Rajec is located between Rajec and Považská Bystrica, the village Veľká Čierna. It sprawls across both sides of the road which runs through it.


  • Golf on our standardized 9-hole course

  • Golf Academy on our practice areas (Driving, putting, chipping) – Green Card course

  • Services of Pro golf trainers

  • Footgolf on two 18-hole course, “Pro” and “Master”

  • Teambuilding for groups which including golf can include fishing, archery, functional training, yoga and massages

  • Company tournaments in golf and footgolf

  • A one of a kind combination of business and communications training and a golf academy with Pro trainers

  • Club house and Driving Range reception with refreshments for guests.

  • Advertising spaces for partners of the resort

  • Golf and footgolf gear rentals

  • Sale of golf and footgolf merchandise

Phone: +421 917 477 235
Fax: clubhouse@golfparkrajec.sk
GPR servis, s.r.o., Bystrická 66
015 01 Rajec, Slovak republic