Footgolf is a combination of the two most popular sports in the world – football and golf, which is becoming more and more popular even in Slovakia. It’s worldwide popularity is highlighted by the names of well known players such as Frank der Boer, Roy Makaay, José Luis Chilavert, Christian Karembu, Diego Forlán and many others. The most well known player in Slovakia is Ján Kozák jr.,who has already managed to accomplish the considerable achievement of 3rd place in the 2016 World championship in Footgolf in Argentina.

Footgolf is played with an ordinary football (size 5) on a course which has been designed specifically for the game. Usually the courses are also double as golf courses, the hole for Footgolf has a diameter of 53cm. The rules are similar to the rules of golf. The world authority for Footgolf is the International Federation for Footgolf (FIFG). In Slovakia the highest authority is the Slovakian Federation for Footgolf (SFGA).

Footgolf is exactly what it sounds like. Its the result of football and golf going combined into one sport. The score is calculated the same way as it is in golf where each shot is counted. The difference is that the players use their legs to kick the ball across the course and into the hole. The person with the lowest number of kicks is the winner.

Footgolf as a sport is still developing around the world – only in the USA is it possible to play on more than 500 different courses. Inn the UK there is over 50 and even in Slovakia the number of courses is slowly increasing. As of right now there are 7 in operation and more are due to open in 2017. Among these are two of our 18-hole courses here in Golf Park Rajec. Because of this we will become one of the first places in Slovakia to have two full 18-hole courses in operation.

Around the world and in Slovakia it’s common for a Footgolf course to be located on a golf course. Footgolf Rajec however offers a different experience. Since the PRO course is for Footgolf only there is no mixing between golfers and footgolfers. Our Footgolf course Master is located on the golf course and is used mainly for tournaments, however it is also open for public use on specific days and times.


Two 18-hole Footgolf courses are in operation in Golf Park Rajec – PRO and MASTER.

PRO is located above the driving range and is designated for Footgolf only. The course has 18-holes and is open 7 days a week. The terrain is sufficiently challenging and is a combination of short and long holes, some of which are easier and others more difficult.

Master is located on the golf course and is designated for tournaments organised by SFGA or Golf Park Rajec. The course will also be open to the public on specific days which will be announced in advance. The profile of each hole is characterized by the qualities of the golf course itself, among these is the high quality of the grass which is considered to be one of the highest in Slovakia. There are also many obstacles around the golf course that players will need to overcome while playing.




 Course: 18 hole PRO 18 hole MASTER
ADULT AND JUNIORS (over 15) 17 € 20 €
ADULT AND JUNIORS (over 15) Discount until 30.6.2019 13 € 16€
CHILDREN AND JUNIORS (8-15) (25% discount) 12,75 € 15 €
CHILDREN AND JUNIORS (8-15) Discount until 30.6.2019


9,70 € 12 €
CHILDREN (under 8) (100% discount) free free
Additional services
Ball rental 2 € 2 €
Loss/ damage to ball 25 € 25 €
10x Entrance Fee 117 € n/a
20x Entrance Fee 235 € n/a
4 Person Flight (Adult) 39 € 48 €
4 Person Flight (Junior) 29,20 € 36 €
Full day Fee – 1 player 25 € 28 €

Note: * To get free entry children under 8 must be accompanied by at least 1 adult (there can be a maximum of 2 children in 1 flight).

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