On Saturday the 14.10.2017 the 4th and final tournament of the Rajec Eklektik Tour 2017 took place. This competition was for beginners in golf who don’t yet have much experience with tournaments. A total of 13 players participated. The weather was on our side, the mood between the participants was great and Karol Balna was both strict and helpful. 😊

The male winner of the 4th tournament was Kotrla Tomáš with a score of 47 shots and 68 STB-nett, and the female winner was Slávka Burzalová with a score of 54 shots and 49 STB-nett.

The overall male winner of the Rajec Eklektik Tour 2017 was Miroslav Burzala with 75 STB-nett, Tibor Rajec took 2nd place with 71 STB-nett and 3rd place went to Matej Ročiak with a score of 69 STB-nett.

Slávka Burzalová became the overall female winner of the tour with a score of 67 STB-nett, in 2nd place came Eleonóra Stieglerová with 51 STB-nett. And so the Burzalovci couple defended their ongoing lead and confirmed their renown as winners. Every winner received a beautiful glass trophy as a memento of this successful day.

As well as the trophies the participating players shared amongst themselves three prizes from our main sponsor Kofola a.s..

Our best wishes go to the winners and we look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Rajec Eklektik Tour 2018. 😊

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