We would like to invite you to a fun FISHERMAN’S TEXAS tournament, where we’ll have a bit of fun and a snack.  On Saturday 2.6.2018 pairs of players taking part in Sunday’s TEXAS SCRAMBLE will go fishing in our ponds from 14.00 to 19.00 using our “catch and release” system. Every catch will be weighed and for every 2 kilograms caught the team will be able to deduct one point from their score on Sunday’s TEXAS SCRAMBLE tournament. The biggest of the fish caught will be cooked up and served as soup after the tournament on 3.6.2018. Golfers who don’t fish will be paired with golfers who do in order to make the teams fair. On Sunday we’ll be teeing off at 9.30 o’clock with a staggered start and we’ll be playing 18 holes. The  conditions of tournament is hier:Propozície Rybársky texas 2018,  Program Rybársky TEXAS Rybačka

The starting fee will include a bottle of water for the game, bread and rolls with assorted spreads and vegetables after the 9th hole, soup for lunch after the tournament as well as a tasty dessert. On Saturday we’ll have baguettes and water as refreshment for the fishermen.

The starting fee for everyone will be €19, the game Fee will be €45 for non-members and €2.50 for members of club GPR.

Fishermen or not everyone is welcome.        

Phone: +421 917 477 235
GPR servis, s.r.o., Bystrická 66
015 01 Rajec, Slovak republic